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Blue, Pink, Purple Wedding Colors


This is my very first wedding color inspiration board on my BRAND NEW BLOG *a wedding sketchbook*!

Recently, after I was quoted in two wedding magazines, and after helping HUNDREDS of brides daily {{for several years}} with their wedding color inspiration … I decided to move my old blog to a fresh, colorful ‘blog home’ full of delight!

I am so super excited to share with you my daily wedding color inspirations that flutter through my creative mind. You will also find wedding inspiration ideas, CURRENT modern wedding invitation wording etiquette, my brand new and current wedding invitation designs, and more! So are you ready for more wedding color inspiration? Bookmark us now! I can’t wait!

The closest Pantone(R) color matches {by viewing on a computer screen} are:
Magenta 234
Cobalt Blue 2766
Purple 669

Flowers photo by stephaniewilliamsphotography.com … Dress found at theslightlyobsessivebride.blogspot.com … Seating card board found at theknot.com

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  1. Hello Eshe! I do think gold is a lovely FALL color to add to your combo. Good luck! ;)

  2. Hello,

    I love your blogs of wedding color variations. I chose royal blue, and purple for my wedding with a grey accent. We recently set a date of September 21, 2013. I was thinking of changing the accent color to gold instead grey to give it more of a Fall feel. Any thoughts? Thank You

  3. Hi Emily, Absolutely! Look at the bouquet, gorgeous right? Best wishes!!

  4. Hi Dana, I think you are on the right track! Black and white with a splash of VIOLET or HOT PINK with a tiny splash of purple will be perfect. Best wishes.

  5. Hi Catalina, You can certainly incorporate color with the ties. Good luck!

  6. Thanks for posting this. I’m getting married in April 2011 and think these colors are perfect for an early spring wedding!

    I was also inspired by this picture, although I can’t remember where I got it from. The main color will be eggplant (for bridesmaids dresses, my shoes) and the accent colors will be indigo and fuchsia.

    I love the blue suits but my fiance won’t go for it. We’re likely going to end up with traditional black tuxes/suits. Do you have any suggestions about how to incorporate the palette into the men’s clothes?


  7. Hi,
    I am really banging my head against a wall here and can’t find the right inspiration on the net to mention how fussy and particluar I am.

    My wedding dress will be slightly modern with vintage jewelry, the colour theme is Black & White as these are the venue colours I have to work with, I would normally go with white lillies etc but want something vibrant and summery with a WOW factor.
    The colour I am considering is Purple, there are a few combinations of flowers etc cadbury colour roses and pink peonies but will be hard to incorporate these in to the centrepieces not to mention the expense, I also like white peonies but when pulling it all together it’s hard to visualise whether it will all match or not.
    I plan to have the Martini Glasses with purple flowers inside, then bringing the purple to the table with purple tea lights, again I do not want too much of the purple just in accents to be different but don’t want to go from the cocktail party/vintage theme…….please help :( p.s there may be hints of silver too on the tables

  8. I am getting married October 2011 and really want to go with navy blue for the bridesmaid dresses. I am just having trouble with what colors pair well. I really like purple and a deep pink, kind of like above. Do you think the flowers would look good with some hurs of purple and pink or would that be too much?

  9. Hi Kimberly, I love Lapis. It is an elegant color. However, if you love color with POP regency is the choice for you. Best wishes.

  10. Kimbery says:

    I am getting married October 9 2010 and my flower girls are in white and lilac. I was going to have my MOH and bridemaid where Lapis. But after looking at Regency – I’m not sure. Which color would you use for an outdoor wedding in October? BTW, both Lapis and Regency are David’s Bridal colors. I’m unsure now if Lapis is to dark of a color but Regency looks blue in some light and I don’t want that either. ANY help would be very much appreciated.

    Confused and in need of help,

  11. Love it!

  12. What do you think of like a stainless steel grey dress and adding in aqua like the other woman had suggested? Im having trouble figuring out how to incorporate the aqua and ditching the magenta

  13. Hello Marianne! I would use navy or this blue shown in this color palette. Best wishes!

  14. Hi Michelle! This is totally the color palette I am thinking of! I’m thinking of purple for the bridesmaid dresses, maybe with a fuschia sash. And pink/purple flowers. My fiance really wants blue vests for the guys, but I’m at a loss of how else to incorporate the blue? Also would it look weird if the girls are wearing purple and pink and the guys are wearing blue? What do u think of throwing in blue delphinium flowers into the bouquets? too much color? Thanks for the advice!

  15. Hello Anna! I am not a fan of red, pink and navy together. Hmmm. Which color is your favorite of these three?

  16. Hello Terri! Oh magenta is lovely! What color are the mens suits?

  17. Can I do navy blue- red- pink? I am not allowed to have purples grays and black in my entourage..

  18. Hi Michelle,
    I am using Magenta colored bridesmaid dresses. Does the Maid of Honor have to be in a different color or can she have Magenta too? Also, there is an issue with the men. They do not want “pink” ties so would it look ok for them to just have black ties?

  19. Hello Helen! LOVE navy and light pink together! June is a lovely summer wedding month! I will get this palette done next! Check back! Best wishes!

  20. Hello Shawie! Thank you kindly! Bookmark the blog and check back. I will be posting more 2011 wedding colors. :)

  21. Hi Michelle love your works! Im planning to have my wedding by feb 2011 and still can’t figure out whats my wedding color combi… can you help me please…??? I just want my color to be picture perfect… not too dull but nice and unique… thanks a lot…

  22. Thanks Michelle, i’m looking forward to seeing what you put together : )

  23. Wow, this color palette is beautiful! I’m using navy blue as my primary color for my June 12 wedding (bridesmaids dresses, invites), but I’m having a hard time coming up with an accent color and how to incorporate it with the flowers. I was thinking light/pale pink. What do you think? Would it look ok if the bouquets were ivory/light pink with no blue in them, perhaps an accent of navy blue ribbon? I’m so stuck! Thanks!

  24. Hello Kiran! Yes, Aqua would be fun and add pop to a purple theme wedding. I also love light blue with purples, you will see this wedding color combo here very soon!

  25. Do you think that aqua would go well with the purple to create more of a summery feel? My wedding reception is in the evening on the 1 August so i’m looking for something that incorporates purple with a colour that brightens it up. Cheers

  26. OMG! My wedding is in September 2010 and this is the exact color palette I am using. I am glad I was on the right track. This looks awesome!

  27. I looove this!


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