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2011 Wedding Color Trends ~ Part One

If you found me quoted in a magazine regarding wedding color trends / combination, then you know I dedicate my ‘spare’ time researching wedding color trends a year in advance. Since 2001, I’ve been helping brides with their wedding color decisions by displaying color trend swatches and ideas on my website.

I was TRULY delighted with my findings this morning! The 2011 year in color will be BRIGHT and amazing! As shown above, tropical, fun and whimsical!

Apple green, mauve, lilac, hot pink, slate grey, celadon, aged gold, coral, red, violet purple, mocha / chocolate / brown, navy, emerald / pine green / dark cyan, clementine orange, and yellow.

What is your favorite color in this palette?

2011 Color Trends Palette Part Two now available to view …

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  1. Hi Carina, I would use hot pink or dark pink. Violet would be lovely also. Good luck.

  2. Hi Ingrid! They sound perfect!

  3. Hi Meghan, I am so glad you are inspired by my blog! xo I would use SKY BLUE! It is the perfect unexpected fall color I think. Best wishes!

  4. Hi Anne, I love the cobalt blue for the bridesmaids and yellow for the flower girls! Good luck.

  5. Hi Heather, I would go with cobalt blue! It is an amazing color for a lighter complicated woman or man. I will be posting a wedding using these colors very soon! It is quite lovely. Best wishes to you and yours!

  6. Hi Christie! I would use a lighter hue of burgundy like mauve or even dark pink. Dark pink is proving to be a very popular 2011 June wedding color. Best Wishes.

  7. Hi Sarah, You may love this blue and green wedding color combo > Good luck.

  8. hi michelle, im from phil. were planing to get married january 2011.

    initially wanted yellow for my motiff.now wanted apple green and sky blue..i dont know how will i combine all 3 colors.

    please advise which color matches.

  9. Hello Michelle,
    I planning to get married in June 2011. I am planning a silver and burgundy wedding. What do you think?

  10. Heather Doran says:

    Hello Michelle, I have booked a wedding for 29th July 2011. I love bright colours, and like your suggestion of combining two colours. It is a Scottish wedding set in a Scottish castle type envirnment. I wondered what colour combination you would suggest – myself and the bridesmaids are mainly fair. Thanks so much in advance. Heather x

  11. Hello. I’m getting married this 2011 and i love cobalt blue and yellow but it will be ok to match yellow and blue for my bridesmaid dressess or flower girls?pls help me.

  12. Hi Michelle! I just came across your website and it looks like I could gather a million and one ideas! I am getting married in October of 2011. The bridesmaids dresses are going to be espresso. I am having difficulty choosing colours for the flowers and was wondering if you could provide some advice! I am trying to think of something that is not the “typical” fall wedding colour scheme. Thank you!

  13. HI, I am getting married in mid October 2010 in Ireland, and the room where the reception is taking place, as peach painted walls and pewter shiny grey silk curtains. The hotel also provides cream linen table cloths and crockery. I am on a budget so I dont want to spend too much in redecorating the room, if I wanted to make the tables look dramatic, what colour scheme / flowers would go against that background at this time of year (and its an evening wedding, starting 3.30pm ina church so light will be low by dinner time). Thanks! Carina

  14. hi..my summer wedding colors 2011- tangerine, fuschia and accent apple green. hope my wedding will turn out great

  15. Hi Angela, I think this is a modern idea that will be a new trend. Black dresses with different color bouquets. I recently spoke with another soon to be bride who wanted to do this. I will research to see if I can find photos. Yes the daughters to match their mothers. Lovely idea. :) Have fun.

  16. Hi Christa! If you can find a dress in the colors you love, they are still in. Normally the shades may change a bit. It is not a perfect science. I actually love different shades of the same color family. Have fun!

  17. AngelaM says:

    We’ve set the date 7-9-11. I’m thinking all black bridesmaid dresses – they pick the style and give each one of them a signature “color” in jewel tone to accessorize in and for their flowers. Each bridesmaid has a daughter who will be a junior… I’m thinking about putting the daughter in the same color dress as her mom’s signature color… What do you think?

  18. Christa says:

    Thinking of an aqua and chocolate wedding theme, getting married in June 2011 and I dont want to get set on a color and it be out! =)

  19. Hi Carlie! Celery or asparagus green are great choices for your purple and gold color scheme. Good luck!

  20. Hi Linda! Celery green is a lovely addition or light blue or light teal blue or mocha! Did you see Part Two of 2011 wedding colors?

  21. Hi Britt! Absolutely!

  22. Hi Michele! I think it is a great combo!

  23. Hi Anna! I would use celery green! Light green and a lovely match for pink!

  24. Hi Liveth! Thank you for your kind words. There are so many new orange wedding colors for 2011!

  25. Hi Maggie! I love wine colors for this time of year. Good luck.

  26. Hello Lolly! I love Wine, Mauve and Dusty Pink for your November wedding!

  27. Hello Claireena! I think lavender is a great color choice!

  28. Maybe you will find a match using 2011 Wedding Color Trends Part Two.

  29. Hi! There are so many choices! See 2011 Wedding Colors Part Two here. Best wishes!

  30. Hello! Sounds like your colors would match best with this new palette. Enjoy!

  31. Hello Terri! Perfect choice. Gray and aqua are in the 2011 color trend palette!

  32. Hi Arlene! Brown and pink are perfect! 2011 wedding color trends include these colors. Enjoy.

  33. Hi Lilly! I would use light blue! Have fun!

  34. Hi Erin! I just posted NEW 2011 wedding colors part two. Check them out for ideas.

  35. Hello! You will have to view more 2011 wedding colors here: http://www.mypersonalartist.com/blog/2010/06/07/2011-wedding-color-trends-part-two/

  36. Miss Belle says:

    Kiaora Michelle, I am thrilled to finally begin plans on my Wedding in 2011.But I am in desperate need of help on color schemes!!.. could you please assist with a few ideas. Its in November, not sure if it be beach or conference centre as of yet, but set in NZ… please anything would surely get the wheels turning!!..thanx

  37. Hi Michelle,

    I am thinking teal and a light yellow for my July 2011 wedding. But I am worried about being able to find teal colored decorations. What do you think? Any other color combos you might suggest? I absolutely love blues and teals.

  38. hi michelle,

    I love your creativity and was wondering if you can help me out. My wedding will be on february 2011 and I’m planning on having a “modern cinderella” theme but can’t decide on my motiff colors…i do love pink so maybe hot pink would do but i’m not sure which color/s go best with it….please help! thanks! =)

  39. Hi Michelle!

    im from the philippines! we’re planning to get married on may 2011,can u pls help me to choose a combination color..i love brown & pink,but i don’t know if it is a nice one.

  40. I love the slate grey with aqua!! what other colors would you incorporate for a nov 2011 wedding?

  41. comfort says:

    I wl b getting married in July 2010.mt colours are purple,wine and cream.pls how do I match these colours.

  42. Hi!…. I am a Filipina and will be a bride in February 2011. Still thinking of a best color combination for my wedding.. Can you help me with this?

  43. Hi Michelle! My fiance and I will be getting married on the 8th of January 2011 in a country club here in the Philippines. We will be having a spring/garden themed wedding. We love sky blue but cannot find a perfect color that will match it. My fiance doesn’t want green though. We will really appreciate your expert advice. Thanks!

  44. claireena says:

    HI Michelle,

    I am getting married in Ivory. We are getting married along the banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia at the Victoria Falls. A small and intimate affair 30 guests max. Because of its location we have been informed the safest bet flowers is to go white… roses etc.

    I am adding accents of champagne gold… want some advise regarding adding another colour…. thinking of buying pashminas for the ladies, as favours… adding colour to the table through them. It will get chilly in the night. It does get cold in Africa at night, in winter.

    My flower girl is a red head .. sort of orangy – copper colour – help. (Was thinking different shades of dirty pink and or lavender…)

    Any ideas?

  45. Hello,
    My wedding is on Nov, 2010. Pls, i need winter wedding colour combination.

  46. juarita kates says:

    hi michelle im getting married july 2011 and not sure on the color i like pink silver yellow orange but cant really put together something cute

  47. Liveth Garcia says:

    Michelle you are great! I’m thinking of a Spring Wedding, I like the orange colors and reds. What do you suggest doing for spring? I would like to incorporate an orange color. Help? :)

  48. Hi Michelle,

    I love your color suggestions! I am getting married in May 2011, it is a formal wedding. I would like to have pink and apple green maybe, combined with another color. I don’t want my bridesmaids to look like candy. I want them to be elegant and bright. Do you have any suggestions?

  49. michele alderite says:

    hi michelle,we’re planning our wedding on January 2011 and still not sure of our motifs…please let me know if pink/ fuschia and violet purple is a good combination…or can you suggest any colour combinations for our january wedding? and what do you think is the best theme for our chosen colours?thank you

  50. Maggie says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I am from Uganda, and my wedding is slated for August 2010. Please advice me on what other colors would go well for a wedding at such a time of the year.

  51. hi, im Angel from the Philippines. we’re planning to get married next year on February.. we’r thingking and love to have an old english theme or spanish.. (kinda vintage) what can u suggest for our motif/color since we’r a young couple.. pls help us. Thanks and More Power! :) xo

  52. Hello! We’re getting married Aug. 13, 2011. I really enjoy the coral, pinks, and greens. Are these colors still appropriate for the time of year?

  53. Hi,
    I’m getting married in febraury 2011. My color theme is purple but I’m having trouble finding another color that it goes with. My flower centerpieces are mainly willow branches.Have any ideas?

  54. Hello Katherine! I love sky blue and green for your colors. If you want a third color, brown will be popular in 2011. Best wishes!

  55. Hello July Bride! Sounds preppy and perfect!

  56. Hello! LOVE your color combinations! I’m getting married in June 2011 and am having a little trouble pulling my color combination together. I want to use several shades of purple and my dress had gold/champagne accents on it. I would like to add an accent color (I was thinking some shape of green) and I don’t know what neutral color to use for like tuxedos and such. Any ideas?

  57. katherine says:

    Hi, im from the Philippines!..we’re planning to get married on June 2011 or sept, still thinking of a wedding color…planning to have a sporty theme wedding as the two of us loves to play badminton:)

    Regards!..thanks for the advice:)

  58. JulyBride says:

    Hey Michelle,

    I’m getting married in July 2011 and I’m thinking of using green and orange along with a khaki-like color. What do you think?

  59. Hello Jeannie! For spring I would use the pink, gold and ivory. For late fall I would use the darker hues. I will post my 2011 boards very soon! Check back often. xo

  60. Hello Helen! Thank you for your kind words! I have a lot of 2011 ideas up my sleeve! I can’t wait to share! Bookmark the blog and check back! xo

  61. Hello Mabeline! Yes chocolate, mocha, brown will be popular in 2011! Orange is lovely with brown. I also love apricot! Good luck! xo

  62. Hello Mickie! If you love the monarch butterfly theme you can incorporate the orange. I love greens and lilac with this theme though. Good luck!

  63. Hello Chloe! There is a set of 2011 colors you may also love. I will post inspiration boards for 2011 beach weddings very soon! Be sure to bookmark or follow my blog closely for updates. Thank you! xo

  64. katherine says:

    hello, im looking for the best motif on my june 2011 wedding, pls help us;)..thanks!

  65. Hi Michelle,
    I am getting married in Oct 2011 on the beach and can’t pick a colour scheme…please help?

  66. I am getting married on the beach, at the end of March 2011. There are so many color combinations that I just love, but I feel like I need lighter colors for a beach ceremony. Do you think Hot Pink and Navy are too dark for the beach? Do you have any other suggestions?

  67. Hi Michelle, how’s mauve, gold and pewter blue? :)

  68. Mabeline says:

    Im having a fall wedding in 2011! Im soo EXCITED!! MMM i need some opinion on the colors I would like to incorporate at my wedding pink(dont know what shade yet=/) orange and chocolate brown what do u think?!?!

  69. Please help.. i am getting married in September 2010, South Africa and are unsure of my colours. i like purple, burnt orange and lime. how do i put it together? any better ideas?
    Thank you!

  70. Hello Michelle, I am a future bride. I love the color comb of pink,gold and ivory. As well as dark pink(not hot pink) and black. We are looking at may behaving our wedding in the Spring or late Fall. I’m just so unsure of what might look best…I need help! Do you have any ideas for these combo? Wasn’t sure if pink and gold was a nice combo and how to put it togther?

  71. Hi,
    I came accross your site & absolutely love it!!
    I love how you do your boards pulling three colours together often using colours I wouldnt think of bringing together.
    I cant decide which theme – Enchanted or Tropical????
    Was just wondering when you will be doing your boards for 2011 colours?
    I cant wait!!!!

  72. Hi Michelle ,
    We are getting married august 13th 2011 and was thinking of using either navy blue with rusty orange an buttercup yellow an monarch butterflys or cornflower blue , buttercup yellow and silver,, which do you feel is a better choice we just love comeing to your site for ideas an guidelines, thx Mic

  73. Hello Olivia! You can add sangria/wine or purple or navy to the pink peach and champagne color scheme. Beautiful! Have fun. xo

  74. Hi Michelle,
    im really confused as to what theme to chose. I will be having my wedding in December 2010 which is in the winter season.I really like the peach,pink and champagne theme. Can you help me with some more please.

  75. Hello Madelyn! I will be adding more 2011 color predictions soon!

  76. I am getting married in april 2011! i want unique combinations.. what do you suggest? I would love to include stripes in there somehow..

  77. Hi Michelle,

    I love all these bright colors for my July 2011 wedding! Can you suggest some color combos with these shades? Thanks!

  78. Hi Michelle! We are trying to look for sample pictures for peach, pink and champagne color combo but could not find one on your website. Do you think this would be good for a December wedding? Thanks!

  79. Love the yellow, aged gold and navy!

  80. Definitely the slate grey and celadon paired together! Great picks Michelle!


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