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2011 Wedding Color Trends ~ Part Two

PART TWO … 2011 Wedding Color Trends ~ If you found me, Michelle Mospens, quoted in a magazine regarding wedding color trends / combination, then you know I dedicate loads of my spare time researching wedding color trends a year in advance. Since 2001, I’ve been helping brides with their wedding color decisions by displaying color trend swatches and ideas on my website.

I was TRULY delighted with this second batch of color for 2011 weddings! The 2011 year in color will not only be BRIGHT and amazing {see 2011 Wedding Colors Part One} it will also be vintage, earthy and sunwashed. Gray was HOT now MOCHA will return to the top favorites! Along with orange and many shades of green!

Other colors making their come back for 2011… dark chocolate, dark charcoal gray, sangria/brick red, myrtle (dark) green, dark tangerine, dark chestnut, asparagus, tyrian purple, dark midnight green, deep blue, persian green, mocha taupe, agate blue, amazon green, scallop shell, moccasin, olivine green, khaki, carrot orange, oyster gray, gray taupe, and antique white.

As you can see most of these colors look as if they are faded by the sun. Totally opposite of Part One wedding colors 2011.

What is your favorite color combo in this palette? A few of my favorite color combos using this palette are: tyrian purple and gray taupe ~ mocha taupe and agate blue ~ mocha taupe and carrot orange ~ dark chocolate and olivine green.


{Copyright Disclaimer: You DO NOT have permission to copy and paste this article or image and post on your website. You are more than welcome to quote Michelle Mospens with a link to this post on your blog. Thank you kindly.}

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  1. Hi Reuben! There are so many options. Ask yourself, do I love blue, green, red, yellow, pink, purple or orange. Then build your color combo from there. Best wishes!

  2. Hi Carli, I think orange would look lovely with the neutral champagne and brown! You can use tangerine or burnt orange also. Best wishes.

  3. Hi Rosie! I love the idea of mauve and turquoise and mauve together. Fun color combo!

  4. Hi Sella, See a very close sample here: http://www.mypersonalartist.com/blog/2009/12/28/teal-yellow-wedding-colors/ Best wishes.

  5. Hi Maphuti! Blue and Green with splashes of gold and brown are lovely together. Best wishes.

  6. Light gray and yellow are a lovely color combination! Best wishes.

  7. Hello Kelli! With purple you can use so many other colors. Light pear green, tan, khaki, off white and more! Good luck.

  8. I love the olive green and purple combo for December! Good luck. xo

  9. Hi Kyte! Yes, those colors are amazing! Best wishes.

  10. Hi Michelle,
    I am from Tanzania,we are planning to have wedding on February 2011,can you advice for our wedding colour?,we like white.may god bless you and thank you

  11. Hello Michelle
    I do appreciate your reply. I will go for it. Thanks and Good Luck!

  12. elizabeth delgado says:

    these are great!! i’m getting married march 2011, and i’m using the california poppy as my inspiration (since its native). we’re using an earthy meets bright palette with chocolate as a base, sage, asd well as yellow/marigold/orange as our POP.

    Thank you so much!

  13. Hi Michelle! I love your ideas! I am planning a late September 2011 wedding. The ceremony will be outdoors and the part of the indoor reception area is wood and beige tones. I like the idea of all neutral colors ivory, champagne, brown, but the wedding isn’t going to be formal. Are these colors okay for that time of year? Would red roses or orange roses be a good idea to add color? I’m just not sure about having all neutral tones. It seems beautiful but boring. What do you think?

  14. Hi Michelle!!! I’m getting married July 2011 do you think a mauve with turqoise or aqua is a good idea?

  15. Is it possible you create for me an inspiration board for Jade, Yellow and Gold scheme.Am really upbeat for my coming wedding in Feb 2011.Your website is really helpful


  17. Hi Michelle,

    I am from the Philippines and we are planning to have our wedding on valentines day… Can you give me a good color combo for a valentine wedding? My favorite color is yellow..

  18. hello Michelle,

    I need your help please. I am lookin at a wedding next year July. I know that I want purple for my main color, but I am unsure which colors I shoudl use to accent it. Can you help me with this?

  19. Gina Rose Sunga says:

    hi michelle,

    i really love the colors and the combinations that you’re suggesting and yet, it’s still hard for me to decide with the color combinations that i want..probably you can help.. my fiancee and i were planning on getting married on December next year and it will just be a court wedding since we’re doing it in Dubai. We want our wedding to be memorable that we decided to have a photo shoot for our souvenir. can you please help me with the color combination of dress that were going to wear? thanks a lot in advance for your help…


  20. Hi Michelle Nice Blog! really fabulous! i’m getting married next year by April & it will be a garden wedding. The event will be held at sunset. do you think lilac, carrot orange & amazon green match each other? what color would be the best accent for these combinations, is it dark violet, mocha taupe or gray or any suggestion?., thanks a lot! :)

  21. Hi Sharen, I would ask the hotel wedding coordinator the colors that look lovely in their hotel.

  22. Hi Evy, I do love a golden yellow or gold and brown. Good luck!

  23. Hi Victoria, No worries, your fern green is lovely and will pair well with brown. Add a splash of gold for fun. Good luck!

  24. Hi Jessica, Silver or gold would look lovely. I also love light blue with purple. Good luck.

  25. Hi Chris, I would use soft hues of light blue, light green and pink! Good luck.

  26. Hi Tracy, I love this color of blue with barn red!

  27. Hi Sella! Your color combination sounds perfect!

  28. Hi Sharon, Dark pink and orange colors are proving to be a favorite for 2011 brides. Thank you for your kind words, I am delighted you love my blog. xo

  29. Hi! You can certainly go mauve or dark pink. Enjoy!

  30. Hi Julianne! Thank you for your kind words. xoxo I truly can not choose just one color for you to pair up with champagne and mocha for YOU. You will have to pick your favorite. You really can’t go wrong here. Best wishes!

  31. Hi Eileen! Hot pink and gray is perfect! Best wishes.

  32. Hi Michelle,
    Im from the Philippines and we are planning to have our wedding this March 2011. Can you give me an advice for our wedding color/motif? I like hot pink and gray. Hope you can share it with me. Thanks and God Bless !!!

  33. Julianne says:

    Hello Michelle,

    Your blog is so inspiring and priceless! These colors are beautiful! My fiance and I are getting married on August 2011. I’d like to use champagne or mocha as the base color, and would like to ask your input on colors and/or accent colors that would complement either of the two? Thank you so much!


  35. I’m loving the dark chocolate, what kind of colors could I use? My favorite color is pink :)I would really appreciate your help, my wedding will be in September of next year. Love your blog!!

  36. Sella from Kenya says:

    Hi, My name is sella from Kenya.Am getting Married in a garden wedding in Feb 2011.Am thinking of using Jade, Gold and yellow as my colour scheme. Will this come out well?especially in Summer?(Feb in Kenya is a hot month.

  37. What colors would you recommend for a spring wedding where the ceremony will take place outside and the reception will be in a barn?

  38. hi Michelle,

    i love the colour part 2 color trend , they’re lovely.
    Would like your opinion and suggestion on the colour shading for my wedding which will be held next year in Malaysia in a hotel. During the day time is the church ceromony and nite will be dinner.
    any colours you can recommend?

  39. hi im so glad was able to find a fab page as yours! i really love the color combos u have for yellows but i am having a dilemma since im getting married on a december..will it be awkward if i still choose canary yellow or should i stick to matte gold and brown? thanks a lot!!!

  40. Victoria says:

    I was very excited to see your 2011 color prediction with different shades of green. We chose Fern Green from David’s Bridal and now I am worried because I can’t figure out what colors to use with it! I am afraid we made a BIG mistake. Can you offer any suggestions? We are considering a Fall or Spring wedding. Thank you!!

  41. Jessica says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I am planning a June 2011 wedding and would love some color inspiration from you. I like the color Plum/Grape – like a nice bold purple. Not sure what else I can pair that with.

  42. Thanks michelle! :) Actually my Fiancee love purple & i love blue & we both love green. When I saw your part 2 color trends, it makes me choose very difficult coz i love all your colors! We love to have a Sweet Romantic Garden Sunset Wedding. Maybe a combination of sweet & romantic colors. thanks a lot for your time helping me! :)

  43. Hi Chris! I found a fabulous wedding I will create a color inspiration board from. The colors are amazon green and agate blue. If you don’t love green tell me your most favorite color as I am building wedding color boards for 2011. I look forward to hearing from you!

  44. Hi Michelle! Your color trends part 2 are really lovely! My Fiancee and I are planning to get married next year by the month of April. Which do you thnk would be the best color match as our theme if our garden wedding setting would be sunset? thanks a lot! love ur blog much! :)

  45. Wow! Love these colors! The vintage, sun washed look is gorgeous.

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