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2012 Color Trends Will Likely Be…

Since 2001, I have been reporting color trends for brides on my website “My Personal Artist.” After much research, from several sources (human and text) I have compiled the colors most likely to trend in 2012. Every single year I truly enjoy predicting what colors will trend a year in advance!

I am happy to report the colors vary dramatically. More subtle hues will rule with a tiny splash of electric color. My favorite is TEAL and PURPLE combo! So modern, fresh, and inviting! {See the recent Peacock Feather Invitations design I have created below, for a REAL CLIENT.}

{ Peacock Feather Invitations }

Above, the first image, you will find color combos I have created for your viewing pleasure. You certainly can mix and match as you see fit. Use this blog post (do not print as image is low res and colors will vary) to share with your wedding vendors. They will assist you in finding the best options for you. Regarding names for these colors, I am not revealing names or color codes. As time goes on when 2012 arrives you will know the names that are being used for said colors. Also, remember to be creative and a bit laid back with your color choices as all vendors may not be able to meet your color needs (ribbon, tablecloths, napkins, dresses, etc.). Again, always ask your vendors in advance and have fun!

I want to know your favorite combination of these colors and what you LOVE about them. Comment away! …

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  1. Natalia Acee says:

    I’ve been reading a few posts and actually and enjoy your writing. I’m just starting up my own blog and only hope that I can write as well and give the reader so much insight.

  2. Michelle.. Love love your blog and posts. You are such an inspiration and my to go for fun and unique wedding colors

  3. Hi Rhea! I’m leaning toward Purple and Sky Blue today. ;) So many choices. Which combos are you favorite?

  4. rhea yacub says:

    hi!!! i really love those combination of colors as wedding motif.. i wanna ask which combination of colors would be the best for wedding on June 2012? Thanks and more power to you!!!! God bless…

  5. i am getting married next July on the 7th and me and my fiance are stick between to greens a dark green and lime green together or a royal blue

  6. Hello Jeannine, I would change my color to the colors I love. Let me know which colors you choose!

  7. Is it terrible that I now what to scrap my color scheme because it’s getting so popular? I was set on using teal, but I’m seeing it everywhere!

    I think I might use cream and green now.

  8. fresh and lovely. i am leaning toward the coral and gray. i ♡ your blog!!!!!!!!!

  9. You always have the best wedding color inspiration. I like the blue and brown.

  10. Michelle I love your blog! You are the go to for wedding colors.

  11. Love these! I favor the sky blue and purple.


  1. […] stick with the blue I loved or switch to something that would be more common. Teal was considered one of the hot colors for 2012 by Michelle at My Personal Artist, so I was pretty sure I’d be able to find coordinating items like invitations and linens if I […]



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