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  1. Yes, sky blue and silver gray are a perfect color combo! ;)

  2. i want sky blue and silver gray for my wedding is it matching

  3. Samantha Lopez says:

    I’m Getting married in spring of 2012 and I’m stuck I can’t decide on a color
    I really like purple but still not sure, any ideas

  4. charito albaña says:

    Hi there, We’re planning to have our wedding on the month of May I’m still looking for our wedding color…hope you can help me..

  5. merlinda says:

    im looking 4 some outstanding wedding color for my wedding

  6. loretta james says:

    im looking for some outstanding wedding color for my wedding.

  7. Kandi Scott says:

    just browsing your website :)

  8. SassyMorenna says:

    I am planing on having a champange Wedding dress and the colors of the wedding will be chocolate, purple (any shade), champagne.. What are great combinations for these colors to work best with each other??

  9. Hi,
    I am trying to figure out my wedding colors. I have my bridesmaid dresses-they are from Nordstrom and are Donna Morgan dresses in Angel Blue and Deep Sea (you can find them on the nordstrom website). I am trying to figure out what other color would go well with them so I can figure out more of what to do with flowers and decor for the reception. Any advice?



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