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Nautical Wedding Ideas

Nautical themed weddings are super hot this year! Perfect for a nautical wedding in the spring, summer, or fall. The obvious color choice that goes perfectly with a nautical theme is navy blue, of course. To add a splash of modern fun I LOVE coral pink, lightest khaki brown, and metallic silver as the accent colors. Navy blue stripes on the cake and tables are a MUST!

Get inspired!

Nautical wedding ideas | Mospens Studio

Sources: Nautical wedding cake photo by Miller + Miller Photography, nautical wedding reception decor photo by Josh and Rachel Best Photography, nautical wedding invitations by Mospens Studio <3, creative khaki suite, coral tie, and the elegant pacific blue bridesmaid dress by the amazing jcrew, nautical watercolor stripes artwork by Michelle Mospens (that’s me!).

Tip! When working with stripes for your nautical event, use them sparingly. Remember less is more. Think cake, and table runner. Now that is nautical perfection!

Elegant Mint Wedding Inspiration

Having a modern mint themed wedding? Our fresh mint wedding invitations are perfect for you! Boasting intricate hand painted mint vintage border with rich black calligraphy style fonts. Printed on crisp white cards. Bridesmaid dresses in long formal mint green gowns carry the formal look through your wedding day. Perfect for spring and summer weddings. Modern Elegance!

Mint Green + Black Wedding Invitations and Inspiration | www.mospensstudio.com

Photo Source:  Esther Sun Photography and Mospens Studio

Rustic Barn Wedding Inspiration

Dreaming of being married in a barn or having a rustic themed wedding? Our dark wood barn themed rustic wedding invitations are perfect for you! The original wood watercolor background on the invite can be customized to a lighter color if you wish. Go for warm wood hues and light peach color scheme for your decor to match. Bridesmaids in warm light tans, or lightest peach are the perfect combination. Rustic and chic!

Rustic themed barn wedding invitations | www.mospensstudio.com

Photo source: Jose Villa

Tropical Coral Peach Wedding Inspiration

Having a Hawaiian or tropical wedding? Our watercolor hibiscus flower wedding invitations are the perfect tropical wedding invitations for you. The flower color can be customized to match hot pink, coral orange, lavender, and more. Go for a lovely bouquet of hibiscus flowers to match! Bridesmaids dresses in the perfect tropical peach or coral orange to match your color scheme. Tropical Elegance!

Tropical coral peach beach wedding invitations | www.mospensstudio.com

Photo source: Kristina Curtis Photography

Modern + Romantic Blush Pink Wedding Ideas

Modern + Romantic Blush Pink Wedding Ideas | Mospens Studio

I was working on a *Wedding Branding* board to show the visual for our new clients’ Jaime and Keith’s custom wedding invitations and stationery. I am so grateful Jaime approved to share with you!

I am in LOVE with the Rose Gold. Their custom invitations will have hand-painted border to match the bridge in Central Park where Keith proposed to Jaime. The circular border design will be hand-painted in metallic rose gold paint on EACH invite. So very romantic!

Blush pink, cream, and quartz metallic cardstocks make up the cards. The handmade envelopes will be lined with custom watercolor peony floral art. LOVE!

After you order custom wedding invitations + stationery from Mospens Studio, an inspiration *Wedding Branding* board may be made for you!

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