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At Mospens Studio, we print each guest name and address in digital press flat matte ink in any one COLOR and any one FONT on the front of your invitation outer envelope! Email your finalized addresses EXACTLY as you want them printed. Email your list to: Email your guest list in an actual email in one column not an attached file. Like so:

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Miller
525 Lakeview Drive
Akron, Ohio 44319

See sample and envelope addressing tips below.

Personalized invitations must be purchased to qualify for free guest address printing. If you want to buy inner envelopes, they are additional .75¢ each envelope. And if you want us to print your guest names on inner envelopes the cost is additional .45¢ more each envelope. We do not address metallic envelopes at this time. Offer can not be applied to previous purchases and can not be redeemed for cash. At Mospens Studio, we never share and never sell your information or guest addresses with anyone. We never contact your guests.


Outside envelopes

Outside envelopes printed with your guests’ names and address. $1.50 each outer envelope. Three lines of text centered. Text printed in flat / matte almost any one color ink.

Match your font/lettering style and color with your invitation and return address printing! View all of your fonts choices here!

Beautiful and consistent in visual appearance. Completing your stationery look!

Inner envelopes

Add inner envelopes to your order for .75¢ each. Inner envelopes can be printed with your guests’ names. “Can we bring the five kids or not?” The inner envelope will help eliminate some of the questions your guests may ask. By addressing your inner envelopes to only the parents, according to etiquette they should respect and understand you are inviting only the two of them, not Bobby, Teddy, Mikey, Sammy and Katie. One – two lines of text .45¢ each.

How to start

This service is ONLY available to Mospens Studio Clients purchasing our SIGNATURE COLLECTION INVITATIONS OR CUSTOM INVITATIONS.

Email your finalized addresses EXACTLY as you want them printed. Email your list to: james {at} mospensstudio {dot} com. Email your guest list in an actual email not an attached file. See following sample (first address is for the outer envelope text, second is for inner envelope text):

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Miller
525 Lakeview Drive
Akron, Ohio 44319

Mr. and Mrs. Miller


Type street descriptions as follows: Avenue, Drive, Court, Circle, etc. Not Ave., Cr., etc. Type out ALL states. California, not CA.

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Miller (note: or Tim and Pam Miller, no children’s names if inner envelopes are used)
525 Lakeview Drive
Akron, Ohio 44319
Inner envelopes like so:
Mr. and Mrs. Miller (note: list children by first name)
Other tips :

Write out the state on the outer envelope.

Miss or Ms. can be used for any age.
If you write “and family” they may invite cousins, etc. List children’s names to be safe.
If a woman is a doctor and the man is not you would write
on the outer envelope:
Dr. Carrie Clayton and Mr. John Clayton
Inner envelope would read:
Dr. and Mr. Clayton
If someone has a Ph.D you can write on the outer envelope:
Shawn Cates, Ph.D (no Mr.), Doctor Shawn Cates or Professor Shawn Cates.
For the inner envelope you can write: Dr. Cates or Professor Cates.
If two guests who are married and are doctors you would write:
The Doctors Schuster
“and Guest” should be avoided if the guest you are inviting has
been married or engaged. Ask for his or her fiances name to
avoid hurt feelings.
This envelope addressing service is only available to Mospens Studio clients who are buying custom wedding stationery. Flat inks are used for printing addresses. Offer and pricing subject to change at any time.

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