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{Hand painted pastel watercolor stripes by Michelle Mospens}

Time flies.

Recently my family and I traveled to visit my grandmother in the nursing home. We helped her celebrate her 91st birthday.

She wore her favorite princess cut (as she describes it) dress with pastel stripes.

Frail and lacking the color she once radiated, she couldn’t stop telling us that she loved us ALL so VERY much. And how very much she appreciated all of us being there.

A simple life she led. Most of the time wearing this pastel striped dress. She tells the story of growing up with an 8th grade education in a family of 10 and with one dress.

During her recent birthday celebration, we all took turns telling our favorite memory with her. Of course mine was how she would make me sit down at her small kitchen table made of dark wood and draw. With a glass of freshly made cold chocolate milk at my side, I drew. “Draw Michelle. Go ahead. Draw!” She was one of my biggest cheerleaders in my life, and she still is today.

Among her gifts were at least four new pastel dresses. My guess, they will all be given to her new friends who are now her roommates. And she will continue to wear her favorite pastel striped dress. Proudly.

Time flies. Embrace today. And enjoy your weekend friend.


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  1. MIchelle, today i stumbled upon your blog and fell in love instantly. I am praying that you can help me because i am soooo stuck. I love the color purple and want it to be my main color for my wedding. But i am having trouble on accent colors. Not sure if i should do 2 colors in total or 3. My wedding is set for april 14, 2012. So I know the colors need to be soft…but thats as far as it get. any help/ advice you can give would be great!

  2. I definitely will. Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!! i know it will be great!!

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