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Custom Illustrated Portrait Note Cards

Mospens Studio is all about expressing your personal style. And these custom illustrated portrait note cards do not disappoint! Perfect for a 1st year wedding anniversary gift. Check out how adorable they are!!

Custom couple illustration note cards | www.mospensstudio.com

Custom note cards with family  | www.mospensstudio.com

Custom illustrated couple family | www.mospensstudio.com

Watercolor Save the Dates

Watercolor Save the Dates are beautiful and so much fun. The hand-painted brushstrokes give our save the date cards a custom artful feel. These save the dates are perfect for the modern and stylish wedding couple looking for that perfect personal touch.

Sangria watercolor save the date cards | www.mospensstudio.com

Watercolor save the dates for a wedding in Greece  | www.mospensstudio.com

Rustic wedding watercolor save the dates | www.mospensstudio.com

Beach wedding floral watercolor save the dates | www.mospensstudio.com

Watercolor polka dots save the dates  | www.mospensstudio.com

Watercolor chalkboard-inspired save the dates | www.mospensstudio.com

Be sure to mail your wedding save the dates out 6-9 months before your big day! If you are having a destination wedding or if your wedding date falls on or near a holiday, mail save the date cards out 1 year in advance. Save the dates allow your guests to plan ahead by saving money, booking travel arrangements, and take vacation time off from work. If you are at past your 6 month mark, skip the save the dates and just mail out wedding invitations.

Today’s Inspiration

Feeling inspired by this quote today! …

Inspirational quote | www.mospensstudio.com

It is true. We must DELIGHT in the simple things in our lives. …. The news, our health, the health of loved ones, and more can weigh heavy on our thoughts, minds, and hearts. Things we have no control over. Truly at times you must KEEP IT SIMPLE and DELIGHT in the simple things.

In the past I have found positive uplifting quotes to carry me through my days, weeks, and years. I am looking forward to sharing more!

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…

I know! I know. It’s just the beginning of summer. … When you’re inspired. You’re inspired. I was working on designing a Christmas inspired winter red invitation that was truly unique. I quickly envisioned red watercolor with hand-torn deckled edging and a flurry of snowflakes dancing in the winter sky.

Christmas red winter wedding invitations | www.mospensstudio.com

 Snowflakes wedding invitations are popular for winter weddings. Oh so warm and inviting!

Christmas red winter wedding invitations | www.mospensstudio.com

 Send out your wedding invitations early if marrying over the holidays, 12 weeks before the wedding.

Christmas red winter wedding invitations | www.mospensstudio.com


 Bundle this design up with hand-tied white and silver twine. Of course!

Christmas red winter wedding invitations | www.mospensstudio.com

Christmas red winter thank you cards | www.mospensstudio.com

Matching thank yous, menus, table cards, and more available. In the shop!

Christmas red winter wedding table numbers | www.mospensstudio.com

Look for more winter inspired invitations coming to the shop!

Wedding Place Cards Etiquette

How do you write place cards? This is a FAQ here at Mospens Studio. After loads of research, I found many ideas and ways to write place cards. Surprisingly there are many options.


Mr. Nick Gatsios
Mr. Gatsios
This is used if Nick is the only “Mr. Gatsios” in attendance. If there are more than one guests named “Mr. Gatsios” then you would want to have his name read “Mr. Nick Gatsios” to avoid confusion.

Many times however at Mospens Studio we do print 2 names on each place card at the request of our client. Two names would look like this on one card:
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gatsios

Nick Gatsios
super casual small group

You want to find out your guests’ guest names and have a place card for each guest.

“Mr.” is used for a man 18 years or older. An unmarried lady 18 and older is “Ms.” You will use “Miss” for unmarried girls under the age 18. Master is used for a boy until they are age 7. Mister is used when they turn 18. In between 7 and 18 there is no title used.

The Table number can be printed below the name. Example:
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gatsios
Table 7
Most times the table number is smaller and centered on the card. Another option is to print it on the right bottom corner.

Many times our clients do not use table numbers but use different artworks to identify each table. Then on the place card (see the beach wedding place cards photo above) they use the art to show the guest what table they are seated at. Also, it is popular to use different beach names, city names, or other themed table names instead of table numbers. This is a way to make your reception creative and fun!

Seating charts are very popular for weddings today. Each guest name is listed along with the assigned table number where they are to be seated. The size of the seating charts can range from 8″ x 10″ to large seating signs framed in 16″ x 24″ frames. After the guest finds their name and table number they go to their table to find their place card. The place cards are placed at the guests assigned seat. See example:
Table Seven
Mr. Nick Gatsios
Mrs. Nick Gatsios
Miss Amy Nickels
and so on. You would list all guests seated at that table.

If you caterer requires you to signify the food choice of each guest on the place card, you can do this by using different colors of ink, different motifs, or the cow, carrot, fish, … motifs. This will let the server see what entrée your guest chose and allow them to serve your guest in a professional manner.

Often times you can print your guests names on the menus at the top. This will show your guests where to be seated and list the menu items that will be served. This way you do not need separate place cards if you are using menus. Saving you money.

When your guests arrive to your reception, they want to be guided to their seat. You won’t be there to do so, but your place card will. You don’t want them guessing… where on earth am I suppose to sit? Having place cards ready at the door or a seating sign is a great way to show your guests you are thinking of them.

Shop our wedding place cards, or have custom place cards created for you!