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letterpress reply cards MyPersonalArtist.comHOW TO WRITE A RESPONSE CARD

One of the many questions I get asked as a custom invitation designer is, “What wording should I use for the reply card?” There are many options you can use to personalize your response card.

1. The first line of wording will request a response from your guest. This line will also give a deadline date. Make your deadline date about 1 month to 3 weeks before your wedding day OR when you feel most comfortable receiving the final count. There are many traditional, fun, or casual ways to word this section. Following are a few examples:

Kindly reply by Month Day, Year

We look forward to celebrating with you!
Please respond by Month Day, Year

We look forward to seeing you in {State Wedding is in}…
Please respond on or before Month Day, Year

The favour of a reply is requested by Month Day, Year


2. The next line on the reply card often gives your guest an area to handwrite their names. Sometimes a guest will send back their reply card with NO NAMES. Now what? No worries! Here is a fun tip! Make a list of your guests and assign a number to each guest household that will be replying. Using a sharp pencil write a tiny number on the back of each reply card to correspond with that guest. This way when they send the response card back, and if they forget to write in their names, YOU will know WHO they are by the number on the back! Waahhhlah! Often you will see the line where your guests are suppose to handwrite their names like so:




3. The third line on a reply card requests your guests’ response if they will attend your wedding or not. Most of the time you will give your guests an area to check off.

___persons will attend


____wouldn’t miss it   ____can’t make it

A special note for Taylor and John:


____Accepts ____Regrets


_____Wouldn’t miss it! Number attending_____
_____Not able to make it, but we’ll be thinking of you…


4. Sometimes you will need to know what food choice your guests prefer. Be sure to ask your caterer if they need a head count for food and what date they need the final count by.

Please initial each guest’s entrée choice:

____ Filet Mignon    ____ Island Snapper     ____ Vegetarian

or our fun entrée motifs!

5. You will want to address the reply card envelope with the name(s) and address of the person who needs to keep track of the head count. This may be the bride, groom, family member, or wedding planner.

Questions? Feel free to ask me!

The Perfect Wedding Engagement Photo

Oh my goooodness! I just adore this wedding engagement photo by fabulous photographer Sheena Jibson! Perfect.

Ahhhh… the perfect place. On a still lake smooth as ice, just embracing life and love. Perfection!

Hats off Sheena!

Beach Wedding Ideas, Inspiration, and Advice

Today, I have a very special beach wedding ideas, inspiration, and advice post with the help of my friends at Paradiso Weddings. Their photo below, caught my attention immediately. The ocean is breath taking! The pop of aqua blue and splash of red is fun and still elegant! I created the inspiration board for you below, featuring a lovely blue Melissa Sweet Bridesmaid gown (Style MS215) and our popular beach wedding invitations in a box.

I asked Annie to give me their most popular FAQ for beach weddings. She was kind enough to do so…

“Hi Michelle! First, let me say we are such fans of yours and think your work is awesome!”  :)


Some of our most FAQs…


Q. What colors work best for a beach wedding?
A. Express yourself! Florida’s Emerald Coast is considered to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Our amazing turquoise water, sugar white sand and clear blue skies make a perfect backdrop for just about any color combination. Vivid tropicals like red, orange, and yellow are always popular, as is turquoise and coral. Pink and orange with green and shades of blue with white or cream are favorites. Most brides have some idea of colors they like and shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with combinations for their beach wedding. Of course, we recommend My Personal Artist for the latest trends in wedding colors and beach wedding invitations!


Q. What months are best for beach weddings?
A. In our area the busiest months for weddings are April, May, June, September and October. The weather is great and the beaches are not as crowded as in July and August. It’s not unusual, though, to see beach weddings happening every month of the year on the Emerald Coast.


Q. Veil or no veil?
A. A pretty veil flowing in the sea breeze is lovely but to be honest it can be a source of frustration. A long veil can get caught on a wooden boardwalk or handrail during the processional. If it’s a windy day a veil can be hard to manage during the ceremony. Flowers and fascinators are very popular here!


Q. Why not just do a DIY beach wedding?
A. Having been involved in a lot of weddings in a lot of different capacities we have seen just about everything. More often than not, there is disappointment with a DIY beach wedding. There are lots of ways that you and your family and friends can express yourselves with the reception decor. Leave the hard work in the heat, sun, and humidity to us! That way you and everyone involved can relax and enjoy the special day and won’t be hot, exhausted, or even worse, running late and missing the sunset colors!



Paradiso Weddings offer intimate all-inclusive beach wedding ceremonies from Panama City Beach to Pensacola, including the Destin area and all along 30A. Contact them today for the perfect destin beach weddings experience!

After 19 Years, He Still Watches Me Paint

[In the photo above, I was getting ready for a date with James. He took this photo. You can see the photos of him on the wall. I snapped them and personally developed them in my college photography class.]

Today, I am reflecting on my past. In 1991, I was a 20-year-old young lady at art college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania studying graphic design, photography, advertising, marketing, art history, watercolor, fine art, and more.

One day, while taking a break back in my home state of Ohio, I was hand painting lettering of services on a dry cleaner’s window to make some money. I had to stand on top of the counter painting the large windows most of the day. Suddenly, a 21-year-old man with gorgeous jet black hair walked by the window. He immediately CAUGHT my eye. I asked my boss about him and he said funny! James asked about YOU also. Woweee!

So, the young man walked into the cleaners and stood there talking to me while I painted and painted … and painted for the rest of the day.

When I had to go back to college, James flew out to see me. Every weekend, he would drive from Ohio to Pittsburgh to take me on dates in the city, for walks in Point State Park and on Mount Washington.

Today, I am delighted to share we’ve been married 19 years. We work together at My Personal Artist everday and he can sometimes be found in the studio …

watching me paint.

Find Out My Top Wedding Color Picks!

I am so excited to see my top wedding color picks in Beverly Clark’s Elite Wedding Collection Magazine. I always enjoy working with them! They requested my wedding color opinions based on the wedding couples I work with and the several months of research I do on wedding colors. Also, I hand painted in watercolor the fun spot color illustrations per their request. So much fun! Now go out and pick up Beverly Clark’s Elite Wedding Collection Magazine and see what my top wedding color picks are!