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Archives for December 2010

Currently Inspired By Khaki, Teal Blue, and Green

Currently I am inspired by khaki, teal blue, and green. Earlier today I was browsing J.Crew online and found this adorable khaki dress with a ruffle neckline. Later I about fell over when I found these gorgeous photos by photographer Claire Ryser. Perfect color combo for an elegant seaside / beach theme wedding! Don’t you agree?

Honeysuckle Pink, Mocha Taupe, + Pistachio Green Color Combo

Pink wedding inspiration | www.mospensstudio.comIf you are looking for a more delicate approach to featuring the 2011 color of the year >> HONEYSUCKLE PINK << on your big day… no worries. Pair with MOCHA TAUPE + PISTACHIO GREEN. Elegant. Add a splash of pink here and there. And pistachio green for the tie, no pink! Perfect! Enjoy.

{ photo credits: All photos by  Lisa Lefkowitz. Pocket Folder Invitations photo My Personal Artist. }

Honeysuckle Pink + Yellow + Orange Wedding Inpiration

I truly adore the 2011 color of the year honeysuckle. xoxo

Here I have paired honeysuckle pink, beeswax yellow, and coral rose orange. Remember, when creating your color combination know that you may not be able to find the perfect “honeysuckle pink” to match the color you see online. Don’t fret a hue in the same color family will work perfectly for your big day. Remember to have fun and mix it up a bit. A dash of light pink here and there are lovely too.

Look for many more inspiration boards to come! Enjoy!!

{ photo credit for all photos except the invitation were taken by Cameron + Kelly Studios. Pink Gerbera Daisy Invitation by My Personal Artist. }

>>>>>>>> UPDATE! <<<<<<<<<<<< By popular demand… I found the bridesmaid dresses!!!! The bridesmaid rosette dresses are from BARI JAY! xo

Honeysuckle Pink – Color of the Year

WAHOOOOO! I am delighted to share with you the color of the year! HONEYSUCKLE PINK. Loveleeeey! I’ve been on the edge of my seat watching PANTONE’S FACEBOOK page like a hawk! Today it happened, early this morning they announced the color of the year. I am thrilled with their selection. Last week, I already incorporated honeysuckle pink in our new website design and gerbera daisy logo! Woot!

What colors go best with Honeysuckle Pink you may ask? Back in November I created a color palette combination of ideas for you all. I had a feeling Honeysuckle would be a winner so I incorporated with a few different combos for you. You can download the color palette for your color combining pleasure! I will be posting many color combination ideas for you incorporating this lovely shade of pink!

What color do you LOVE with Honeysuckle pink? Gold, green, blue, violet purple, …

{ photo credits: The happy gal is by  Lisa Lefkowitz The Honeysuckle color swatch by PANTONE }