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To Save the Date, or to Not Save the Date that is the question! As I was designing these new colorful save the date cards I thought, many times when I speak with a new bride-to-be on the phone they ask this question.

Let me start by saying save the date cards are used to tell your guests to “Save the Date” for your wedding day or weekend. Pretty simple, right!? Personally, I say just send out your wedding invitations early if you need a response earlier than the norm (1 month before wedding in the USA). Then YOU save money. Sometimes guests need an entire year to plan for travel expenses and vacation/holiday time from work. If you are having a destination wedding you will want to give your guests ample time to plan ahead. When should you send out save the date cards? For 12 years, I’ve been telling our brides/grooms 8-12 months before your wedding day.

Remember, always plan ahead and always do what YOU feel comfortable doing. It’s your wedding day! Enjoy! And have a delightful day! xo

TIP: Adhering Your Wedding Invitation Envelopes

You get your wedding invitations in your hands and then its time to stuff them, address them then… adhere the envelopes shut, take them to your post master to have them weighed, and finally you mail them to your lovely guests. Stop right there, let’s rewind…

Only about 4 brides have called or wrote to me in 12 years (of making handmade wedding invitations) and said their envelopes didn’t stay shut. Come to find out most of the time they were licking, sticking and wetting the inner envelope. So here are a few tips to help you with this very simple task:

1. Only moisten your OUTER ENVELOPE edging. Do not moisten your inner envelope, more than likely they do not have adhesive on them.

2. Do not over moisten the envelope adhesive. To much moisture will wipe away most adhesive causing your envelopes to not adhere properly.

3. Personally I wouldn’t use my … well … I wouldn’t adhere them like Susan is, shown here. I would use a tube type moistener from Staples.

4. Once you have adhered the envelope shut, do not open and try to glue shut again. Get a new envelope.

5. Never use just seals/stickers alone to keep your envelope flaps closed. I have personal experience with this. The flaps will tear and open your envelope.

Just remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Breathe and enjoy!!

Questions? Please feel free to ask me and post them here! xo

Photo credit from Daily Seinfeld.

Late Summer, Fall Wedding Ideas

Not only do I love this warm and elegant palette of color, I am delighted to introduce you to my newest floral branch wedding invitations design JULIA!

The brown and mocha taupe dresses are by Jordan style numbers 748 + 729. The branch centerpieces are by Westborn Flower Market and the photo is by Abby Rose Photo. The fabulous orange rose bouquet is by Lyndsey Loring Design and the photo is by Studio Atticus.


How to write out the year on wedding invitations

How to write out the year on wedding invitations

Many times we receive wedding invitation text with the year written in many different ways.

The correct way: two thousand eleven


1. Do not use “and” when writing out “two thousand eleven”

2. Use all lower case “two thousand eleven”

Hand Painted Custom Save the Dates for a Beach Wedding

I was delighted to give my trend-setting palm fronds design a fresh coat of paint and brand new hand painted look for Samantha and John’s beach theme save the date cards! Fun in the sun!

Samantha choose the lovely dress in Matisse Blue from JCrew for her bridesmaids! I found these lovely shoes on the Wedding Chicks blog for her (the bride) to wear that match perfect! Don’t you just LOVE them?!!! The two photos on the above right are by photographer Denise Bovee.

I love the bride’s bouquet with a lovely matisse blue ribbon wrapped around the stems. Loveleeeeey!

{The date, time and names of our clients were changed to protect their privacy}

Bible Verse for Your Wedding Invitation

I love when our clients incorporate bible verses, poems and phrases on their wedding invitations. Following is a popular bible verse used on wedding invitations:

“I have found the one whom my soul loves.”
Song of Solomon 3:4

Hand Painted Peacock Wedding Stationery Design

Wet Paint! Brand new hand painted peacock feather design for Courtney Dial of Pizzazzerie! I wanted an unexpected twist on this popular feather design. My hand painted version shown above, hand painted in jewel tones of teal, blue, purple and emerald green.

 The dessert cards are also available as place cards or seating cards for your peacock themed wedding!

Beautiful Beach Theme Place Cards

I was speechless when I received the most amazing wedding photos by Jenny Grise Photography in my email from our clients Elizabeth (aka Bit) and Jay!

Today, I was surprised and delighted to see the photo Jenny Grise took of our hand painted place card designs featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs blog! The romance and quality is out of this world! Truly breathtaking! Enjoy! xo