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Archives for June 2012

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Cards

sweet sixteen birthday party cards

sweet sixteen party cards

Happy Sweet Sixteen to our client Allie! I just finished up the final stationery pieces for Allie’s sweet sixteen party. Each card hand-painted with green Hawaiian orchids for her opulent birthday affair in Hawaii!

Each place card was layered with green metallic cardstock. Hand-painted limo, gift, and confetti motifs were created just for her cards with great Aloha! A major rush job, complete!

As Sylvia Weinstock once said to me, “On to the next gig!”

Fourth of July Party Ideas

One of my favorite holidays is Independence Day! Food, fun, cheer, and last but certainly NOT least family and friends. My favorite July 4th party food is, you guessed it! CAKE, cupcakes, white chocolate covered strawberries, cake pops, and more!

July 4th white chocolate covered strawberries

Last year at our annual July 4th party, I made these. White chocolate covered strawberries. Many smiles and they didn’t last long! Yummm. PLUS strawberries are GOOD for you, right?

july 4th cake pops


red white blue layered flag cake

{ Yummy Sources: White Chocolate Covered Strawberries / July 4th Cake Pops / Red, White, and Blue Layered Cake }

I have many MORE July 4th party ideas pinned on Pinterest! Check it out!

I love this holiday so much, I’ve created FREE printable banner downloads for you!!! Just download, print, and cut out. Then glue or tape where ever you see fit. Then CELEBRATE!

july 4th free download

Enjoy friends! And have a safe and fabulous July 4th holiday!!

{Free printable July 4th banners are for your personal use only. Not to be sold. If you would love to share this download, you may post about it, then link to the blog post here, not to the download. Thank you love.}

Yellow and Gray Beach Wedding Ideas

beach wedding ideas yellow and gray

Yellow and Gray beach wedding colors? Yes!

James and I have been working with Megan on her Seaside Elegance beach wedding invitations. I have combined the colors with the natural colors of the seaside setting here. So you can visually SEA the gorgeous color combo.

When Megan told me her colors were yellow and gray, I was VERY interested in seeing her wedding inspiration photos. She had them handy and sent over right away. {I do not have the reference of the sources for the photos, other than, from the bride-to-be.}

Don’t you just LOVE this color combo? Unexpected and fun. The pop of light yellow is truly lovely!

starfish wedding invitations

Yellow and gold ribbon

Did you have a beach wedding and used yellow as one of your colors? What colors did you combine with it? I would LOVE to hear from YOU. And I am sure our readers would also. Leave a comment now love!

Plum Purple and Chocolate Brown Letterpress Printing

Hot off the press! Plum purple and chocolate letterpress wedding stationery for Katy. Gorgeous color combo.

letterpress printing press printing beach wedding stationery

Purples are so HOT in the studio this weekend. Topping all hues of purple is PLUM! RICH and gorgeous. This plum color is purpular popular with our beach wedding couples.

Letterpress wedding invitations and stationery is affordable at Mospens Studio! We are constantly creating custom invitation designs with several different themes and motifs. Choose your favorite fonts, ink color, and email your wording. We LOVE to create custom designs upon request. Letterpress printing is gorgeous impressed printing into 100% cotton cardstock. Oh-so-LOVELY! Your guests will be oh-so-imPRESSED! Email [email protected] for your quote today.

Unique Beach Wedding Place Cards

unique beach wedding place cards, menus, and table cards

Eight days before the wedding, the mother-of-the-bride asked me to help her create place cards, table cards, and menus that were beach chic and unique. {{{My favorite theme of course!}}} I needed to match the color scheme of their beach wedding invitations. She knew she wanted the Florida Keys watercolor illustrations on the cards. Each wedding reception table was named after one of the Florida Keys. I came up with the idea of placing a red sea star next to the island the guest would be seated at. With the wording “Your destination is…” on each place card tag, the guests were guided in a very organized manner to their seats. The fun part, (the mother-of-the-bride’s idea) as the guests arrived they were greeted with a very small bottle of tequila adorned with a personalized place card tag! As they made their way to their “destination” each guest could easily find the table card boasting the island name and island illustrations. I thought, what if they put the bottle in their purse, drank it and threw it away? So I came up with the idea of personalizing each menu also.

When having a beach wedding reception, remember the WINDS. You want to anchor any cards you have on the tables.

Organizing your guests as they arrive is truly important. Give it much thought. You want your guests to be directed and have a great idea WHERE they are going, where they are seated. Put yourself in their shoes.


P.S. ~ Please plan ahead with your reception stationery. Allow at least 10 business days for process time then shipping. xo

How to Assemble Wedding Invitations and Reply Cards

My client Amy just wrote to me via email, “tell me the proper etiquette on these… the invite goes in the lined envelope…and which was should it be in the big envelope… and the response card… does it go in its envelope or just under the flap… and does it go in back or front of the invitation…”

NO WORRIES! It’s easy peasy AND a GREAT question! So I quickly sketched up some illustrations and details to help!

You have your invitation and reply card, now what? If you have a wedding invitation and reply card (no bows, no pocketfolders) you can place your reply card inside the reply card envelope with the flap up. I like this method so your cute motif shows. If your motif is at the bottom of your reply card you can flip the envelope around so the point is on top pointing down. If you have a lovely hand-tied bow you can slide the reply card and information cards if you have them behind the ribbon. When your guests pull out the invite they will feel the other cards behind the invite.

Next, you will slide the wedding invitation and other small cards into your inner envelope, if you bought them. Remember, you do not HAVE to buy inner envelopes they are for decorative purposes, traditional, or to indicate to the guest EXACTLY who is invited. Do not SEAL these envelopes. That means do not add moisture to the flap to seal them shut. They traditionally do not seal shut.

Now you are almost done! Just slide your inner envelope into your outer envelope. THEN seal your outer envelope. You will then want to repeat this method for each invitee!

Be sure to take ONE envelope to your local post master. They will weigh and measure your invite set and give you the current postage rates. Also, be sure to tell them WHERE you will mail them. Once the postage is applied, I recommend you ask your local postmaster to hand-cancel each invite for you. This will keep your invite from getting roughed up. And looking oh-so-pretty when your guests receive them!

If you have ANY questions, please always feel free to ask me!