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How to Assemble Wedding Invitations and Reply Cards

My client Amy just wrote to me via email, “tell me the proper etiquette on these… the invite goes in the lined envelope…and which was should it be in the big envelope… and the response card… does it go in its envelope or just under the flap… and does it go in back or front of the invitation…”

NO WORRIES! It’s easy peasy AND a GREAT question! So I quickly sketched up some illustrations and details to help!

You have your invitation and reply card, now what? If you have a wedding invitation and reply card (no bows, no pocketfolders) you can place your reply card inside the reply card envelope with the flap up. I like this method so your cute motif shows. If your motif is at the bottom of your reply card you can flip the envelope around so the point is on top pointing down. If you have a lovely hand-tied bow you can slide the reply card and information cards if you have them behind the ribbon. When your guests pull out the invite they will feel the other cards behind the invite.

Next, you will slide the wedding invitation and other small cards into your inner envelope, if you bought them. Remember, you do not HAVE to buy inner envelopes they are for decorative purposes, traditional, or to indicate to the guest EXACTLY who is invited. Do not SEAL these envelopes. That means do not add moisture to the flap to seal them shut. They traditionally do not seal shut.

Now you are almost done! Just slide your inner envelope into your outer envelope. THEN seal your outer envelope. You will then want to repeat this method for each invitee!

Be sure to take ONE envelope to your local post master. They will weigh and measure your invite set and give you the current postage rates. Also, be sure to tell them WHERE you will mail them. Once the postage is applied, I recommend you ask your local postmaster to hand-cancel each invite for you. This will keep your invite from getting roughed up. And looking oh-so-pretty when your guests receive them!

If you have ANY questions, please always feel free to ask me!




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