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Archives for October 2010

Hand Painted Paper Note Cards

HAND PAINTED Cherry Blossoms Note Cards. Each note card is ENTIRELY HAND PAINTED by fine artist Michelle Mospens using watercolor paint.

$116.00 each set of 8 hand-painted notes and envelopes printed with your return address on back flap. 50% ($58.00) is donated to a person with breast cancer.


“Hello. My name is Michelle Mospens. I am a life time artist. As I painted this design I remembered the feeling of letting go and praying for loved ones who fought the battle with cancer. The flowers are free flowing and soft. Vibrant as they blossom. The blue sky and the very light pink blossoms are in the background to remind us WE are NEVER alone.

As you know, many of us are touched by cancer personally or we watch someone we love, adore and care about deeply suffer through cancer. Cancer has touched my life in many ways. My grandmother, who is now 90, is a survivor and beat her battle with breast cancer. My dear friend Julie is a brave survivor. All I could do was listen and buy her the best hairpiece money could buy. I learned one of my clients mother lost her battle. She loved my hibiscus artwork so very much, they laid it to rest with her for eternity. Recently, a dear loyal client, Kelly B., emailed me and shared she is fighting the fight right now. She asked if I had any special PINK cards for her to use. I took a little over an hour to create this for her and all who suffer and battle cancer. Keep faith and hope alive. Sending you all of my love and strength. Most Sincerely, Michelle”

Honeymoon Room with a View

{ Image via Martha Stewart Weddings }

HELLO!!! Best honeymoon room everrr! I was browsing The Wedding Lane and couldn’t believe my eyes. Lovely! So I just had to share here. Where are you staying on your honeymoon?

Find What Time the Sun will Set in any U.S. State

I love the idea you can find the sunrise and sunset times online at Naval Oceanography Portal website. Perfect for your beach wedding at sunset!