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10 Ideas On How To Throw The Perfect Party

How to make a party perfect!

At our annual lakeside July 4th party our neighbor/friend broke out his guitar and started playing and singing. What a surprise! And our guests just sat in awe of his talent. Smiling. Enjoying. No matter the size of your party or event, live music is a must. Even if you have a smaller budget, you can find a lovely acoustic guitarist and set an amazing mood for your celebration! If you are having a Christmas open house have the guitarist seated at your entrance on the right side for a WOW factor! You will set the mood and your guests will be thrilled and truly impressed.

I asked our friends on Facebook what they thought made a perfect party. Here’s the list and can you guess what topped it?

1. Wonderful friends.
2. Background music.
3. Delicious food. Creative dishes to start conversations.
4. Gorgeous flowers.
5. A party planner to make the party fabulous!
6. Good wine.
7. A “token” gift / favor for your guests, as they leave.
8. Cocktail hour at the start.
9. Lovely dinner.
10. Candles.

I would love to add “custom invitations“, “a theme” and “entertainment” to this list.

Years ago, I threw what people said was the BEST party they have ever been to. A Hawaiian Luau. They still talk about the Luau today!! Several keep their Bottle Invitations displayed in their homes as a reminder of the fun they had. The highlight of the party was the entertainment. I had professional Hawaiian Luau hula dancers and an amazing fire dancer! Not only did they dance. They inspired our guests to learn the hula and dance as well!!

I *HIGHLY* recommend them to EVERYONE who wants to share the very best Hawaiian entertainment for their guests. Visit their website now HAWAIIAN SHOWS / ENTERTAINMENT or watch a small sample of them in action…

Pineapple, Coconut! Pineapple, Coconut! Pineapple, Coconut! So much fun!

Tuika Faumuina and his dancers are truly amazing.

Enjoy and have fun!!!



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