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Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Cards

sweet sixteen birthday party cards

sweet sixteen party cards

Happy Sweet Sixteen to our client Allie! I just finished up the final stationery pieces for Allie’s sweet sixteen party. Each card hand-painted with green Hawaiian orchids for her opulent birthday affair in Hawaii!

Each place card was layered with green metallic cardstock. Hand-painted limo, gift, and confetti motifs were created just for her cards with great Aloha! A major rush job, complete!

As Sylvia Weinstock once said to me, “On to the next gig!”


  1. Hi Melissa! Thank you for your kind words. Creating this design was so much fun!!

  2. These are too cute, love the small illustrations scattered over the invitation.

  3. I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that those things were HAND-PAINTED! Seriously? I couldn’t hand-paint an invisible circle. That’s just incredible to me. Great work.



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