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TRESemmé Style Studio

I recently teamed up with TRESemmé to share their NEW TRES STYLE STUDIO with you! The TRES STYLE STUDIO is a one-stop source for hair tutorial, tips, and tricks, fully customizable for you!! The email from their team could not have come at a better time. I had just put my hair up in another pony tail because I dreaded the fact of styling it. I have no clue how to use a flat iron or get that PERFECT beach wavy look. So when I opened the email from TRESemmé’s team. I about fell over. I checked out the videos and there it was. An EASY hair tutorial on how to get the perfect BOHO WAVES! The videos are fabulous for keeping up with the current hairstyling trends! So if you are going on a big date on Valentine’s Day, going to a wedding or special event, or just going to work check out TRES STYLE STUDIO and refresh your hair style today. It is super easy. I PROMISE!

I have the SCOOP! I asked my friends at TRESemmé what were the top 4 hair styling videos, and here you go! Flat Iron Curling Tips. Loose Boho Waves {my fav!}. Headband Braid {adorable for a wedding!}. and Braided Crown {so romantic and perfect for a wedding!}.

I received samples of TRESemmé products to sample and LOVE THEM! The SMOOTH & SILKY Shine Spray is fabulous. The ANTI-FRIZZ SECRET Smoothing Creme should be called MAGIC hair creme. It is super smooth, not greasy, and smells GREAT. The shampoo makes my hair the softest it has ever been {Truth!}. My most favorite is the 24 HOUR BODY Finishing Spray. It leaves my hair touchable and the scent is FABULOUS!

So, if you have been wanting a new look or wanting to try a new hair style but wasn’t sure how to create “the look” … Head over to TRES STYLE STUDIO and treat yourself to a new stylish look! I’m glad I did and I am sure you will be glad too!



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