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Flower Inspiration

OH MY! That’s what I said when my artist eyes discovered this fabulous floral find! During my lunch break today I stumbled across this breathtaking rose photo on Decor8 blog. L – O – V – E! Love, Love, … LOVE!

As you may already know, I am totally obsessed with flowers and have been drawing them since age 6.

In my spare time I am constantly adding new hand painted  flower wedding invitations designs to my collection!

What is your favorite flower? Comment now! I would LOVE to hear from you.


  1. i love daisies! reminds me of being young and in love. my bouquet will have daisy flowers and roses.

  2. Peonies!! The layers and layers and layers of petals all balled up into a bud…its amazing! The colors and the scent.
    I’m getting married in Sept and peonies are my flower bouquet of choice!
    I love your blog, very inspirational and I keep it bookmarked.

  3. Miroslava says:

    Definitely roses; for their beautiful colors, what they symbolize and without a doubt their fragrances. I am such an admirer of your work! I would be lucky to even come close to a drawing like yours at my age (30+);p

  4. Hi Kelley! Roses are so romantic! The flower in my hat is a rose. I remember trying to show the petal layers with the marker. ;)

  5. I love roses too. How cute, your drawing from when you were six. Is that a rose or tulip in your hat?



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