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highheelshoeBridesmaids! I’m curious. Did you have them in your wedding? How many did you have? Did you buy them a gift? If so, what did you buy them? How did you ask them to be your bridesmaid? Did they wear the same color or different colors? Were their dresses the same length or different?

Please comment now. I know many of my readers will LOVE to hear your comments. Help a bride out.

Oh! I almost forgot. Check out my bridesmaids from our wedding in 1992! I even had a miniature bride. She was adorable and recently was engaged! I wonder if she wants me to be her miniature bride?

Okay, comment now…


  1. I will be having 4 bridesmaids in my wedding. They will all be wearing different colored dresses and they are short, because we are getting married on the beach. So far I have bought them Coach shamrock keychains since my wedding is on St. Pattys day and I got them little wicker beach bags…don’t know what else I may put in there for them!
    PS…nice wedding photo!

  2. yup, we had 5 bridesmaids & 5 groomsmen. They all wore the same color and style cocktail dress. I gave them all a Coach clutch as their gift & paid for their hair/makeup.

  3. cute shoe! yes, i had bridesmaids. four. their dresses all matched in color but they had different style of dresses. I bought them each a bracelet from tiffany&co. p.s. love your blog.



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