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Custom Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

The search seems endless. You have looked high and low for wedding invitations different from your cousin’s and friends’ cookie cutter invitation styles that seem to be either cheaply “homemade” or over done to the extreme. You crave wedding invitations to fit your personality and style and feel like giving up. Well I’m here to tell you don’t fret. You are not alone. I’ve been working with wedding couples for over 14 years. Helping them create the perfect wedding invitation to fit their style. In this article I will outline idea categories to assist you in discovering your personality, style and the perfect theme or no theme for your invitations! As you read these categories ask yourself, is this ME? Do I LOVE this theme, color, motif, or idea? At the end of the article you will have a better understanding on what wedding invitations style will fit your personality best.

Invitation and stationery theme. Do you need one? Not necessarily. However, today many couples express their personality through their wedding stationery. For instance recently I worked with a couple who loves peacock feathers. The peacock feather became a theme for their event so they had me design colorful peacock feather invitations  especially for them. Beach wedding invitations are highly popular with my clients and a theme I ADORE! If you love the sea this theme may be for you. Does this mean you have to have embossed seashells gracing your invitation design? Of course not. You can still achieve a “chic beach theme” with palm tree fronds wedding invitations or by using light blue paper with chocolate brown raised ink. Maybe you love to drink wine or enjoy visiting your local winery. A lovely vineyard theme is a must for you. Think, wine color inks on buttercream cards. A bunch of watercolor grapes are always fun to include! Step it up a notch with letterpress printing over the grapes artwork for an elegant and truly unique look. Maybe you love more of a rustic wedding theme . Think lace, doilies, barns, cute cowboy boots, chandeliers, hanging outdoor lights, woodgrain, muted hues, an old oak tree, and my goodness how could I forget burlap!!!  A groom who is a mailman and his last name is mailman recently enjoyed my vintage airmail wedding invitations design! Another creative couple I recently worked with sent me photos of their bicycles. I hand painted the illustration and we printed their bike theme wedding announcements and matching stationery for them. They carried the theme through all aspects of their wedding right down to the cake. Don’t have a theme in mind? No worries, maybe the theme is YOU. When I met with Jill and Thomas this was the case. So, I suggested I hand draw a silhouette of the couple and we incorporate into their stationery. Their eyes lit up and the look and “theme” was stunning. They were able to take the digital silhouette art  and incorporate on menus and more! Another couple truly had NO idea of a theme of motif to use. But they wanted to incorporate something. So I asked them, how did you meet? They began to tell me a super sweet story on how they met while volunteering at the Humane Society! Well there you go. So one of my custom design projects right now is to paint 2 dogs and a cat for their reply card art. If you aren’t feeling a theme you love let’s turn to color as your invite design theme…

Choosing a color for your wedding and stationery is quite simple. What color or colors do you LOVE? Do you always wear red high heels? Do you love yellow? Maybe you love the beach and natural colors of sky blue and light sand brown? Incorporating your colors on your invitations can be done with ink, paper, ribbon, and or pocket folders. Or maybe you opt for an all white wedding look which is popular. Your text can be printed in silver or gray to keep the monochromatic look seamless and elegant.

Choosing your invitation card style is easy! Are you a “less is more” type of person? Then an elegant simple white invitation card with a lovely black letterpressed font may be perfect for you. Love embellishments? A white card with a colorful background layer and a hand-tied ribbon around the middle will be the perfect fit for you. If you are a beach chic couple and your guests will only expect the very best, a beach themed invitation in a box is a great choice!

Most of our clients strive to be unique and are always on the cutting edge in fashion and personalized style. Express yourself and ENJOY!! And have the most fun! Cheers!



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