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Customizing Our Layered Beach Wedding Invitations

handmade beach wedding invitations

At My Personal Artist customizing our hand-crafted layered invitations to fit your beach wedding color scheme is easy! After you order, tell us the colors you want to see. For instance Amy wanted to see all kinds of blues used in comparison with our original brown and sand metallic shimmering cardstock design on our The Lara Ann Design beach wedding invitation. Note how the slight difference in card colors can change the look and feel of our beach theme invitations.

blue beach wedding invitations

navy beach wedding invitations

diamond blue beach wedding invitations

navy and blue beach wedding invitations

blue and silver beach wedding invitations

As always you can customize your invitation color to match any color scheme. If you are using hot pink, orange, purple, teal, green, or red! No worries, we delight in customizing your invites! And don’t forget you get to choose your invitation font and font ink colors also! If you want to make one of my artworks larger or smaller, go for it. Just note this in your order. The center invitation card piece, fonts, ink colors, and envelope art has stayed the same throughout all photos. Adding a slightly different hue changes the invite so ever slightly. Which one is your favorite?

P.S. – I normally do not assemble the invitation cards. If they appear off a tiny bit, they might be. Note that James (my husband of 20 years, in May!!!!!!!!!) assembles your invitations PERFECTLY! xo



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