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Send Them With Seahorses!

postage with seahorses

I walked by a table in the studio and found these lovely postage stamps boasting my watercolor seahorses! I just HAD to share! They match our exclusive The Shelby Design Seahorses Wedding Invitations perfectly! You can buy my postage stamps to coordinate with almost all of my artworks in my Zazzle Shop.

You must take ONE invitation envelope FULL of every stationery piece you are going to mail and have your local postmaster give you a postage rate quote. Sometimes the cost can also vary depending on WHERE you are mailing your invites to also. Traditional size invitations can also cost more to mail depending on layers and card inserts you add. To be on the safe side always take one filled invite envelope to your local postmaster for current postage rates.

After you mail your wedding invites, be prepared to answer MANY phone calls from your friends… did I say PHONE CALLS? Absolutely. They will be so super impressed with how creative YOU and your invitations and stationery are!!!

Have fun celebrating!



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