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My 2013 Color Trends Report

2012-2013 wedding color trends

I am always delighted to research color reports and guess what the 2013 wedding and party color trends will be. I’ve been researching wedding colors and trends for over a decade now.

What appears to be the TOP trending colors for 2013 are quite a lovely bouquet of hues. I am seeing conflicting reports of neon colors in the UK though. So we shall see! Some may say, well how on EARTH do you know what is TRENDING if 2013 isn’t even here yet. But, oh yes, it is. In the fashion industry they are always a year ahead. ;) And fashion ALWAYS impacts the wedding industry and all color trends.

My favorite OF COURSE, it has been for years now … is BEETROOT WATER. What a gorgeous rich hue of fuchsia fandango.

I see Coca-Cola red Pantone color 485 is in the mix and a darker hue of Pantone 1805 not quite brick red, I would call it dark red. My client Elizabeth recently referred to her wedding colors as black and dark red as well as others. So I actually see this color already trending with my clients at My Personal Artist.

One of my favorite combos is Azure Blue with Wisteria Lilac. I married this wedding color combo together for you Sky Blue and Lilac with Green in 2009. Pastels are proving to rule the color charts. As well as rustic hues of burlap brown, rustic cream, and yet another red I’ll call barn red.

Good ol’ nautical navy, never disappoints. Although I am seeing a less saturated hue prowling about called BLUE WOLF. Also in the blue family indigo blue is proving its popularity yet another year! Right at their side baby azure blue. I’m guessing blues will RAWK because of the release of The Titanic movie.

Plum purple is climbing the color charts at My Personal Artist! It is such a gorgeous color to letterpress!

Celadon MINT green and Coral CARROT orange are making a splash in summer colors now. So FRESH like a beachy spring breeze. I have seen LOADS of pins from my fashionista friends on Pinterest with mint and coral.

I will continue to research and share my findings with you!!!

Until then, what are your favorite color combinations of these colors?? Please comment! I would love to hear from you.

UPDATE 9/13/12: Today I found the Pantone® Spring 2013 color report!!!! All colors I mentioned are included. Awesome!


  1. Hi Rhia! What a great color combo! So fresh and lovely! Perfect for a tropical wedding.

  2. My wedding colors for 2013 are mint green, carrot orange and yellow. i love that all of them are included in the trend for next year! We will be having a summer wedding in the tropics so it’ll be fun! :)

  3. i’m loving hydrangeas for my wedding so the azure blue and lilac are perfect for my wedding colors!!!!!!!



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