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Tropical Wedding Invitations Inspiration

Update: My Personal Artist is now Mospens Studio

I don’t normally share all of my clients invitations or inspiration / color mood boards, however this tropical blend was so gorgeous not to share! As you can see, at My Personal Artist we have a lovely array of colors and options for tropical invites! The combination of colors are truly endless.

{the bride’s inspiration board was deleted. unfortunately people were sharing the image even when i asked nicely not to. boo.}

 tropical wedding invitation envelopes

This post was created for Sheila (a lovely stylish bride-to-be) to view the color cardstock options available for her tropical wedding invitations folders. I call this mix of tropical colors TROPICAL BLEND. I find this color combo to be softer than normal pop of hot pink hues tropical blends. Botanical and earthy with a splash of sea. So very beautiful!

tropical flower wedding invitations pocket folder

UPDATE: Sheila’s custom tropical wedding invitations design. (Private details changed for publishing purposes.) I hand-painted the heliconia in watercolor. Turquoise Blue and Mango orange married with bright white thick cardstocks. Perfectly tropical!

tropical wedding invitations

tropical wedding invitations with bow

Shown above is the actual Tropical Blue matte finish pocketfolder with Orange Flame metallic cardstock (I do not have the ‘Mango Orange’ in my hands at the moment) with Baby Maize Yellow + Orange Cream ribbons. Now my mouth is watering. Yummy tropical colors!

UPDATE: My Personal Artist is now Mospens Studio



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