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Trend Alert! Boho Chic

Boho chic / Elegant bohemian wedding inspiration / Mospens Studio

 {Photo Source Vogue}

Every wedding blog you see is featuring floral crowns, feathers, lace, fresh picked wedding bouquets full of wildflowers, and more.

I became curious. I started researching the trend and found many descriptions of BOHO CHIC and BOHEMIAN WEDDINGS. I first featured Kate Moss’ wedding photo on my blog in 2011 as a Vintage Wedding. So I dove into the definition of BOHO and started on a Pinning binge on Pinterest. Check out my growing BOHEMIAN WEDDING INSPIRATION board. I am now officially obsessed with designing wildflower wedding invitations adorning feathers. Aaahhhhh …

Have a FREE FLOWING BOHO weekend!



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